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Over time building costs can increase considerably, often property owners can be unaware of these rising costs. When it comes to insuring your property, it is vital that their true replacement value be calculated so that in the event of damage of loss, they can be replaced in full.

At Mason's our professional insurance valuations can ensure that;

  • Your property assets are insured for the correct sum
  • In the event of damage of loss, full compensation can be claimed from your    insurer based upon our detailed property notes
  • You avoid the risk of your claim not being paid in full because of under-insurance
  • You reduce your risk of over paying you yearly premium due to over-estimation    of reinstatement costs.

  • Our insurance valuations represent the full cost of rebuilding in case of total destruction, our valuation reports include all facets associated for this scenario including costs such as demolition, site clearing, professional fees, compliance costs, and reconstruction plus allowance for a reasonable time for documentation and construction as well as factoring in inflation.

    However big or small your property, Mason's can offer an insurance valuation service to suit your needs. Our valuation document is easily understandable and has been designed to present each value component and cost in a clear and simple way.

    To ensure your property is insured for their full value, we can contact you at regular intervals to make the necessary valuation updates.

    If you would like to speak with one of our friendly property valuers please call Chris Mason 0417 741 481 or email Mason's Property Valuations at
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